How to change subscription options

Yaroslav Vassilkov yavass at YV1041.SPB.EDU
Fri Nov 25 23:29:20 UTC 2005

Many thanks to Birgit Kellner, Valerie J.Roebuck and Eliot N.Stern for 
their suggestions.
As Birgit and Eliot suggested, I used (once more) the "Quick link to 
add/remove/modify a subscription...".
It proved to be a blind alley. I was asked to confirm my wish to change 
the address by sending them a command
with a certain code number which had been given to me in the same 
latter. I did it, and then recieved  a note saying that
the code number was wrong. It was not.
I had the same results when I tried to do this  before I sent my quiery 
to the list.
Now I can only follow the way suggested by Valerie: to unsubscribe and 
then ask one of the commettee members to subscribe me.
Thank you very much again for your readiness to help.

Birgit Kellner пишет:

> It should actually be possible to change your email address without 
> unsubscribing from the list (and then have one of the committee 
> members subscribe you with a different address).
> The following link leads to the page for updating subscription options:
> This link can also be found on the INDOLOGY homepage, as "Quick link 
> to add/remove/modify a subscription to the listserv discussion forum" 
> on "INDOLOGY: core services".
> To update subscription options, you have to login first. If you access 
> your subscription options for the first time and have never received a 
> password before, you can get one by clicking on a link on the login form.
> All subscription options can be set this way, including e.g. whether 
> to receive the list in digest form, or (very useful) temporarily 
> suspending mail delivery during holidays.
> Best regards,
> Birgit Kellner
> Valerie J Roebuck wrote:
>> Dear Yaroslav
>> A suggestion: in order to do this, I think you may have to 
>> unsubscribe from the list via your old email address and join it 
>> again from your new one.
>> Valerie J Roebuck
>> At 2:11 am +0300 20/11/05, Yaroslav Vassilkov wrote:
>>> Dear colleagues,
>>> could anybody tell me how am I to change the address  of my 
>>> subscription?
>>> My old  e-mail postbox is practically blocked by spam for many months,
>>> I use for my correspondence another one, but all my attempts to 
>>> re-address
>>> my Indology subscription have failed. There seem to be no 
>>> instructions for it
>>> on the Indology homepage.
>>> Can you help?
>>> Yaroslav Vassilkov

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