source of Sanskrit half-;sloka in Hindi piece

Madhav Deshpande mmdesh at UMICH.EDU
Fri Nov 4 11:19:42 UTC 2005

The expression t.r.m"  is obviously tri.m"  While the word bhuutale does fit the meter, the word mediniim, though metrically ok, is ungrammatical, and medinyaam is metrically not ok.
Madhav M. Deshpande


From: Indology on behalf of Yuko Yokochi
Sent: Fri 11/4/2005 5:27 AM
Subject: Re: source of Sanskrit half-;sloka in Hindi piece

Dear Arlo,

>kalaud.r.m;sa vi.s.nusti.s.thati mediniim-bhuutalecaa
The text can be corrected to

kalau t.r.m" vi.s.nus ti.s.thati bhuutale (or medinyaam)|

'In Kali period stays on earth for thirty thousands years.'

mediniim-bhuutale caa does not fit the "sloka meter.

I cannot find the source of it.

Yuko Yokochi

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