Tilak reference?

David Magier magier at COLUMBIA.EDU
Tue Nov 1 19:09:32 UTC 2005

This is probably a reference to:

     Commemorative essays presented to Sir Ramkrishna Gopal Bhandarkar.
     Poona: Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, 1917

That book was reprinted in 1977 as:

     R.G. Bhandarkar commemoration volume.
     Delhi: Bharatiya Publishing House, 1977

Since Keith was published in 1925, his reference to Tilak's article 
appearing on "pp. 32 ff" must refer to the first (1917) edition of the 
commemorative volume. If someone could take a look at their library's copy 
of that edition, they could supply the exact citation for Tilak's article. 
Of course, the same Tilak article must appear in the 1977 reprint as well, 
but the pagination is likely different.

Hope this helps.

David Magier
Columbia Univ. Libraries

--On Tuesday, November 1, 2005 11:51 AM -0500 George Thompson 
<gthomgt at ADELPHIA.NET> wrote:

> Dear List,
> I am in the process of reading the proofs of an article that I have
> written.  The editors would like a full reference to the following.
> In Keith's *Religion & Philosophy of the Veda & Upanisads* vol. p. 81 n.
> 2, there is reference to an article by Tilak in *The Bhandarkar
> Commemorative Volume*, pp. 32 ff.  Would anyone on the list know full
> title of the volume, with date, the name of the article and the pages
> numbers occupied by it?
> Thanks in advance for help.
> George Thompson

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