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Dan Lusthaus vasubandhu at EARTHLINK.NET
Tue May 31 16:13:24 UTC 2005

Dear Dr. Steinkellner,

This new attempt at Dignaga's text is exciting news. However, the link
doesn't work. The oeaw site gives this message:

Die von Ihnen angeforderte Seite konnte nicht gefunden werden!
The requested page was not found on the server!

Is there a different link than  ?

Thank you.

Dan Lusthaus

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Dear Colleagues,

Following the efforts of H. R. Rangaswamy Iyengar in 1930, the Muni
Jambuvijaya in 1961, 1966,1976, and Masaaki Hattori in 1968, a further
attempt at reconstructing the Sanskrit text of Dignagats Pramanasamuccaya
with its Vrtti is now available for the first chapter "On Perception" as PDF
under the address

Dignagats Pramanasamuccaya, Chapter 1.

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