E. Lamotte Opera Minora (on the Bhagavadgiitaa)

Christophe Vielle vielle at ORI.UCL.AC.BE
Fri May 20 13:04:18 UTC 2005

Dear Colleagues,

I have the pleasure to announce the publication of the first volume of E.
Lamotte (1903-1983) "Kleine Schriften" :

Etienne Lamotte, Opera Indologica (Notes sur la Bhagavadgiitaa, Bouddhisme
et Upani.sad), avec une nouvelle Préface de Minoru Hara, Louvain-la-Neuve:
Peeters, 2004, Publications de l'Institut Orientaliste de Louvain 53, xiv
et 203 pp.

"Those who are engaged in serious studies in Buddhism could never overlook
the name of E. Lamotte who is noted as one of the greatest scholars in the
twentieth century for his monumental contributions to the study of
Buddhism. However, little is known of his contributions to the study of
Hinduism in his youth. That is to say, as early as in 1929 his monograph
"Notes sur la Bhagavadgiitaa" was published in Paris, with a preface by
Louis de la Vallée Poussin who praised his achievement [...]. Three years
later, J. Przyluski published an article entitled "Bouddhisme et
Upani.sad", and there he found the best possible collaborator in Lamotte.
Readers of these two writings of Professor Lamotte could never fail to be
impressed by his profound scholarship both in Bhagavadgiitaa and
Upani.sads, for the former still remains one of the most important
contributions to the text even after 80 years [...]."

(extract from the Preface by Prof. Minoru Hara)

Available at Peeters Press: order at peeters-leuven.be
order on-line : http://www.peeters-leuven.be

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