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there is an article (‘Make an island for yourself’) on this by J. C. 
Wright in Fs. Minoru Hara.

On May 19, 2005, at 2:12 PM, Ferenc Ruzsa wrote:

> Friends,
> in the Pali Mahaa-parinibaana-sutta we read:
> "attadiipaa viharatha attasara.naa ana~n~nasara.naa dhammadiipaa 
> dhammasara.naa ana~n~nasara.naa"
> Is there a Sanskrit / Tibetan / Chinese version of this sentence?
> My problem is: is "diipa" here = Skt. "diipa" (lamp) or "dviipa" 
> (island)? Be a lamp for yourselves, or be an island to yourselves?
> (The much later Pali commentary understands it as island.)
> Thanks,
> Ferenc
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