conjunct characters in devanagari

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I had forgotten about Ulrich Stein's remarkable conjunct list in his Itrans manual.  Thanks for the reminder.  

Incidentally, has anyone else worked with Mueller's "Sanskrit Grammar for Beginners"?  Are there known defects?  I find it a fascinating work (though decidedly not for "beginners"--at least not in this century).

H Tull
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  About a year ago there was a thread on this very topic that led to a
  successful conclusion a and a web site.

  Does anyone have a saved record of it?


  >For a lengthy statistical discussion of conjuncts appearing in Sanskrit
  >and Hindi, one may wish to consult Ulrich Steihl's "Technical Manual
  >for Itranslator 2003" appearing on his Sanskritweb site:
  >The appendix (by Ernst Tremel) discusses Hindi conjuncts. Steihl also
  >makes reference to a book he has authored entitled
  >"Konsonantenverbindung in Sanskrit" (2002), but I have been unable to
  >locate additional bibliographical information regarding this
  >  Best,
  >Adheesh Sathaye
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  >On May 17, 2005, at 11:17 PM, Herman Tull wrote:
  >>Max Mueller lists 248 conjunct characters in his Sanskrit grammar.
  >>Macdonell repeats the same list; a similar list (though with some
  >>slight differences) appears in Deshpande's Primer.  Is there a
  >>standard list?  If there is, does anyone know sources that discuss its
  >>Herman Tull

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