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Richard MAHONEY r.mahoney at ICONZ.CO.NZ
Wed May 18 01:27:45 UTC 2005

Dear colleagues,

The provisional version of the ieb-cb virtual union catalogue may be of
interest to some readers.

Self description from the title page: bibliothecarum (ieb-cb) is a virtual
union catalogue providing centralised access to library servers with
significant indological and buddhological collections.

Searches can be conducted using a range of attributes, terms and
operators. Records can be retrieved in various syntaxes, formats and
quantities. In addition to bibliographical data, many records contain
location, holding and availability details.

Ieb-cb is designed to facilitate the transfer of indological and
buddhological data across large networks. It will enable researchers to
rapidly locate and obtain records from widely distributed library
servers. Materials for Indology and Buddhology homepage: bibliothecarum: A Virtual Union
Catalogue homepage: Notes on Accessibility, Compatibility &c.:

Best regards,

 Richard MAHONEY

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