Announcement of newly searchable e-texts by Muktabodha IRI

William K. Mahony bimahony at DAVIDSON.EDU
Mon May 16 18:28:43 UTC 2005

Dear INDOLOGY Colleagues,

The Muktabodha Indological Research Institute is committed to creating and
making available to the scholarly community a large body of searchable
Sanskrit e-texts from the Tantric, Agamic and Shaivite traditions.

As another step in that direction, we are pleased to announce that the
following searchable e-texts have now been added to the Muktabodha digital
library and can be accessed at They are:

A) Large Tantric texts created from electronic typeset works in devanagari
largely based on the KSTS editions and converted to roman transliteration by
computer programs. The devanagari texts were prepared by Dr. Sudhakar
Malaviya, recently retired from the Department of Sanskrit at Banares Hindu
University and now Director of the Mahamana Sanskrit Academy. The computer
conversion routines were developed by Mr. Harry Spier of Muktabodha. Newly
added texts of this type are:

* Abhinavagupta's Tantraloka with Jayaratha¹s complete commentary (all 38
* Jnanarnava Tantra, edited by Sudhakar Malaviya
* Netra Tantra with Kshemaraja¹s commentary
* Rudrayamala Tantra, Uttara Khanda
* Svacchanda Tantra with Kshemaraja¹s commentary.

B) Texts of the Kali Krama school of Kashmir, edited by Mark S. G.

* Devidvyardhasatika by Prabodhanatha
* Kalikulapancasatika (also called Devipancasatika)
* Mahanaya Prakasha by Arenasimha
* Srikhacakrapancakastotra by Jnananetranatha.


William K. Mahony
Professor of Religion, Davidson College
President, Muktabodha Indological Research Institute

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