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Arlo and others with similar interests:

We do a great deal of map making here using Adobe Illustrator. It can
be a very simple process.
The most recently published map is in the Circle of Bliss catalog.

A few basic thoughts:

The first  decision is what scale do you want: the whole of India, a
geographic region, a state,  a few districts, a single district, a
narrowly focused plot of an excavation? This dictates the size and
detail of a base map.

Find an appropriately scaled base map. It need not have the find
spots on it at all. Scan it at the cm or inch dimension you need, but
it need not be at more that 100% at 72 dpi (however I do usually make
bigger maps and then  reduce to 40% or less them for publication.
Larger is easier to work on and small print size makes them look more
detailed without the artist [me] going blind).

After you have created the base map simply locate your find spots,
key features and  anything else you want to include by adjacent
geographic features, etc.

But there is much more to map making:

There are 1000s of web sites with information hear are a few that I
have found helpful

If you want all 375, 000 of them search Google for:  "Illustrator" Maps

To get an understanding of what you want try (very important
for when you start making maps) (lots of annoying adds but
good sources)

Technical Info:

A "lite" introduction

Read the layer list at the left of this page to understand how a map
is structured in illustrator.

Useful stuff

Re: India

Pre drawn maps in Illustrator (for general maps [I never use them])

  If I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to ask


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