Punctuation of prose Upanisads

oliver fallon opfallon at YAHOO.COM
Thu Mar 17 13:59:52 UTC 2005

Dear Friends,
I have been preparing the text of the Prashna and other prose Upanisads for the New Vedanta Sanskrit Series which provides a detailed grammatical commentary on each of the major Vedantic texts.
The use of the danda varies from edition to edition. Limaye & Vaidekar seem to use it at the end of every clause, Olivelle slightly less often and Gambhirananda rather as the English full stop (period in American).
What are the personal preferences of members of this list? What do they think is most suitable for their students?
Is there a principle that can be applied to its use?

Thank you for your help.
Oliver Fallon (SOAS / St James School)

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