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For Up.-translations (in general) that appeared until 1995, 
you might consult

Philip Renard, "Historical Bibliography of Upanizads in Translation", in:
Journal of Indian Philosophy 23 (1995): 223-246

Very useful is also

Christian Bouy, Les NAtha-Yogin et les Upanizads. 
Etude d'historie de la littérature Hindoue, Paris 1994.

Though not offering translations, he provides analyses
of more than one third of the Yoga-Up. and places those texts
into a broader cultural and historical context.

Thus the YogacUDAmaNyupanizad consists almost exclusively 
of verses from the GorakzaSataka. To appreciate this fact it is best 
to use Nowotny's edition (along with an annotated German translation)
because (unlike Briggs' [in: GorakhnAth and the KAnphaTa YogIs] hers
actually comprises 201 verses:

Fausta Nowotny, Das GorakzaSataka, Köln 1976.

And the most essential parts of the Yogatattvopanizad are identical
with corresponding parts in the DattAtreya YogaSAstra, an edition of
which has been published as

Yoga Shastra of Dattatreya, ed by Brahma Mitra Awasthi, 
transl. by Amita Sharma. Delhi 1985.

Again, for DattAtreya in the Minor Up., you might consult  chpt. 3 in
Antonio Rigoloulos, DattAtreya: The Immortal Guru, Yogin, and Avatara.
Albany, NY (SUNY)  1998, not least for further references.

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I am trying to locate translations and/or editions of the so-called Yoga 
Upanisads (part of the Minor Upanisads). I am aware of the collections 
listed below, but I would like to know if there are others. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Luis González-Reimann 

Aiyar, K. Narayanasvami. Minor Upanishads: First Series, containing twenty 
Upanishads with English translation. Srirangam: The Akhila Bharata Sankara 
Seva Samiti; 1967. 

_______. Minor Upanishads: Second Series, containing ten Upanishads with 
English translation. Madras: Sanatana Dharma Vidya Samiti; 1967. 

_______. Thirty minor Upanisads: revised edition includes Sanskrit texts. 
Delhi: Parimal Publications; 1997. 

Varenne, Jean. Upanishads du yoga: traduites du sanskrit et annotées par 
Jean Varenne. Paris: Gallimard; [1971] 1974. 

Sastri, A. Mahadeva. The yoga Upanisads: With the commentary of Sri 
Upanisad-Brahmayogin. Madras: The Adyar Library and Research Center; [1920] 

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