Nakula's Shield

Alfred Hiltebeitel beitel at GWU.EDU
Mon Mar 7 16:52:30 UTC 2005

Though I cannot answer your question, the observation is certainly
interesting and reminds me of my surprise in finding the demon-name
Asiloman at DM 2.42 when I was looking for an etymology for the name
(with variations Aciloman, Acalamman, AcampAlAcuran, and Rocakan) of
the "demon of the Cenci (Gingee) Fort" who makes trouble for the Tamil
goddess Draupadi. In each case it is a matter of "sword"-names, which
might suggest that these circulate with special interest.

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Subject: Nakula's Shield

> In MBh 2((28)66.14 Nakula is said to take up his sword and shield
> with the
> eight moons. A seemingly identical shield is found in the
> Devī Māhātmya 9:12
> Niśumbha is found to wield an identical shield. Is there a
> connectionbetween the two sets of twins?
> Thank you in advance.
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