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On Epic Sanskrit see now: 
Thomas Oberlies
A Grammar of Epic Sanskrit
Berlin-New York: Walter de Gruyter, 2003.

J. Brockington wrote a few articles which
appeared in the Journal of the Oriental Institute
Baroda, vols. 19 (two articles) and 31 (one
article). Collection of his articles in: Epic
Threads, ed. by G. Bailey and M. Brockington,
Delhi 2000.

Cf. also 
J. Brockington, The Sanskrit Epics. Leiden: E.J.
Brill, 1998. 

Still controversial is the thesis of L. van
Daalen that Vaalmiiki's Sanskrit was originally
highly "sa.msk.rta" but became epicized
("irregular") in the course of the transmission
[this is my own formulation]. This is the inverse
of the view at the basis of the Baroda critical
See van Daalen's: 
Vaalmiiki's Sanskrit, Leiden: E.J. Brill, 1980. 
According to van Daalen's thesis the southern
manuscripts should not be given greater weight as
is done by the editors of the critical edition;
instead the northern manuscripts, minus additions
(books I and VII) and minus insertions
(characterized by significant numbers of
"irregularities") come closer to Vaalmiiki's
original in "chaste" sanskrit. 
The problem in van Daalen's thesis is: how to
characterize "correct" and "irregular" without
making Paa.nini into the decisive standard (since
it cannot be assumed that in Vaalmiiki's time
"correct" meant "in all details paa.ninian"). 
Jan Houben

--- Ramdas Lamb <rlamb at HAWAII.RR.COM> wrote:

> jagan nadh wrote:
> > Any body can suggest some books or  articles
> on Linguistic study of 
> > Ramayana. 
> If you are thinking of Valmiki's work, you may
> find something of value, 
> in J.L. Brockington's "Righteous Rama."
> Ramdas

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