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I forgot to add:

The first of the two listings was filmed for SAMP (South Asia Microform 
Prohject)  at the BL, and is likely from Serampore.  The second is the 
only Tulsidas Ramcharitmanas at the BL from the 1830s.  The source of 
both citations is "Holdings of 19th Century publications at the British 
Library's Oriental and Indian Office Collections" at < 
http://dsal.uchicago.edu/cgi-bin/oioc.py>, which is more complete than 
the on-line catalogue at the BL.


Tulasidasa, 1532-1623. Ramayana [microform]. Calcutta, 1810. 101, 83, 
21, 9, 17, 39, 44 p. ; 4to. Each book has a separate pagination.; 
Missing t.p.; Master microform held by: British Library.; Microfilm. 
London : British Library, 1992. On 1 microfilm reel with other items : 
negative ; 35mm. (SAMP 19th-century Hindi project); In Hindi.
Poetry; Mythological
In: Hindi Record no. 11145 ; British Library shelfmark 279/49.M.3 & 

Tulasidasa. Ramayana, also called Ramacharitamanasa. Cawnpore, 1832. 
336 p. ; 4vo. An epic poem, in seven books or kandas, on the life of 
Rama, based on the Sanskrit epic of Valmiki.; Lithographed edition.
Poetry - Religious and Mythological.
In: Hindi Record no. 24825 ; British Library shelfmark 14158.g.19.

On Jul 24, 2005, at 8:38 AM, Valerie J Roebuck wrote:

> I would be grateful for information about a copy of the Tulsi Ramayana 
> that was shown to me yesterday.  It is a book of Western type, nicely 
> bound with what the owner, a bookbinder, recognizes as a typical 
> Indian binding.  The spine has RAMAYANA in gold lettering in Roman 
> script.  The paper is heavy, and watermarked MCE 1830.  The text is in 
> a Devanagari script so small and neat that the owner is convinced that 
> it must be printed.  I am almost equally convinced that it is 
> handwritten.
> Is anyone familiar with books of this type?  For that matter, when was 
> the first printed edition of this work produced?
> If it would be helpful, I will try to take a photograph.
> Valerie J Roebuck
> Manchester, UK

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