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Dear Sunil,
the online Bibliography of Asian Studies (publsihed by the
Association for Asian Studies) is a rich source of citations for
journal articles, books, and chapters in edited volumes and
festschrifts, on this topic. For example, a quick browse on subject
"India-Politics & Government-International Relations-Japan" yields
39 articles. A subject browse on "Japan-Politics &
Government-International Relations-India" yields 18 more. A simple
boolean keyword search on "India AND Japan" yields 955 citations.
Limiting the latter to subjects in history narrows that down to 100
citations. A couple of examples of these:

Author: Bijlert, Victor A. van
Title: "The icon of Japan in nationalist revolutionary discourse in
India, 1890-1910."
In: Narangoa, Li; Cribb, Robert, eds. Imperial Japan and national
identities in Asia, 1895-1945. London; New York: RoutledgeCurzon,
2003. xi, 371p. (NIAS studies in Asian topics, 31). Pp. 23-42.

Author: Bose, A.C.
Title: "Japan and the Indian nationalists: 1901-41"
Indian Historical Review (New Delhi) 12, nos.1-2 (Jul-Jan
1985-1986). Pp. 328-337.

Author: Farrington, Anthony
Title: "The Japan base: English East India Company attempts at
inter-Asia trade from Japan, 1613-1623"
In: William Adams and early English enterprise in Japan. London:
Suntory Centre, Suntory and Toyota International Centres for
Economics and Related Disciplines, London School of Economics and
Political Science, 2000. 37p. (Discussion paper no. IS/00/394). Pp.

As a reference librarian, I use the BAS online all the time to
answer queries of this sort. At Portland Community College, you may
have access to the BAS via the subscriptions held by Portland State
University or University of Oregon. (Lewis & Clark State College
and Reed College are also subscribers). Otherwise, your own library
could subscribe, since it is an inexpensive database subscription.
Individual subscriptions are also available. More info on BAS is
at: http://www.aasianst.org/bassub.htm

David Magier, PhD
South Asia Librarian
Director of Area Studies
Columbia University Libraries

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> of any articles or books discussing it, please let me know.
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