Homage to Dr.BNK Sharma.

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BNK Sharmas works include

1. History of Dvaita school of vedanta and its literature (MLBD)
2. Philosophy of Madhvacharya (MLBD)
3. Brahmasutras and their commentaries (three volumes) (MRML)
4. Madhva's aupanishadam darshanam (DVSRF)
5. Brhadaranyaka upanishad as expounded by Madhva (DVSRF)
6. Madhva's Gitabhasya (ABMM)
7. Advaitasiddhi Vs Nyayamrta (AP, ABMM)
8. Mahatatparya of Mahavakyas (AP, ABMM)
9. Madhava's teaching in his own words (BVB)
10. Nyaysudha (english rendering in three volumes)etc.

brief biography of Dr. Sharma
He was from the family of court pandits of former kochin state. after studying in Kumbhakonam he joined presidency college and became lecturer in annamalai university from 1931-1942. He served several institutions in various capacities and later joined Ruparel college bombay as head and professor of Sanskrit and ardhamagadhi 1953-1969. 

He was honoured with awards like central sahitya academy award for book no. 1., Govt of india president's certificate of honour, vidyamanya prasasti, vyasa pitha prasasti, and also Mahamahopadhyaya of Rashtriya sanskrit vidyapeetha tirupati etc. 

He was very much in touch with Karl Potter, stafford betty, Jose pereira etc.

His role in study and research is very well known fact that he was one original trio which started writing in english on dvaita vedanta i.e. R. Nagara sharma, BNK Sharma and KT Pandurangi. He is a role model for the wrest of folk who today write in english like me etc.


> I think several of us would be happy to see some
of his major<br>publications listed. 
Regards,Jan Houben

--- Srinivasa Varakhedi<br><nlpdept at YAHOO.CO.IN>

> Dear Members,
> It is very sad<br>that on 2nd July 2005,
> Dr.B.N.K.Sharma - one of the  great<br>indologists
> passed away. He was an erudite and athentic
> scholar of<br>Dvaita Vedanta who published more
> than 20 publications on the Dvaita<br>Philosophy
> and authored hundreds of research papers. For
> the first<br>time in the history he wrote the
> history of Dvaita vedanta.This is<br>for the
> information of our Vednatin members of this
> list.
><br>Let us pay homage to him and rememer his
> services.
> srivara.
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