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Dear Lars

Fezas, Jean, "Remarque sur la forme de deux trait's de l'Inde Ancienne: l'Arthasastra et le Kamasutra," in Genres Litteraires en Inde, sous la responsabilite de Nalini Balbir, Paris: Presses de La Sorbonne Nouvelle, 1994, 123-150.  
Fezas, Jean, "susrusà dans l'Arthasastra: obeisance, devoir conjugal ou maison du beau-p're?" in Nalini Balbir and Georges-Jean Pinault (eds), Langue, style et structure dans le monde indien.  Centenaire de Louis Renous, Paris: Honor' Champion, 1996, 385-412.
Mirasdar, Mangala, "Thoughts on the Arthasastra vis-a-vis Dharmasastra," ABORI, 77 (1996), 285-89.
Mital, S. N., "Taxation in Kautilya Arthasastra," ABORI, 76 (1995), 69-87.
Olivelle, P., "Manu and the Arthasastra.  A Study in Sastric Intertextuality," Journal of Indian Philosophy, 32 (2004), 281-91.
Scharfe, H., Investigations in Kautalya's Manual of Political Science, Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag, 1993.
Schetelich, Maria, "Die mandala-Theorie in Artha- und Nitisastra," in B. Kolver (ed.), Recht, Staat und Verwaltung im klassisches Indien, Munchen: R. Oldenberg Verlag, 1997, 211-236.

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Dear members of the list,
I am looking for references to books/articles on the Kautiliya Arthashastra
published after 1990. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
Best regards,
Lars Martin Fosse


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