Sanskrit Google

Kengo Harimoto k.harimoto at LET.RUG.NL
Tue Jan 18 01:59:30 UTC 2005

> Google has a Sanskrit search engine now, with internet (antarajaalam)
> etc. search
> Looks like using Itrans transliteration, with a mid-Indian
> (Gujarati-Marathi-Telugu-Oriya) twist: e.g., krushna  for kRSNa

UTF-8 देवनागरी works, too.  Amazing.  I've come across  (Sanskrit version of Wikipedia) that 

Devanāgarī search works with regular google.  I should have expected 
this, since google has always accepted utf-8.  This is just a Sanskrit 
interface, like Japanese, Dutch, etc.  Still, very funny on google's 
part :)

kengo harimoto

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