Looking for issues of the Hindi journal "Sarasvati" from the 1960s

Birgit Kellner birgit.kellner at UNIVIE.AC.AT
Tue Jan 4 16:59:07 UTC 2005

Dear fellow list-members,

I was wondering whether anyone has access to issues from the 1960s of
the Hindi journal "Sarasvati", which is most likely ISSN 05586496,
published in Ilahabada, by Indiyana Presa (Pablikesana) Praiveta
Limiteda, 1900-1980 (information from COPAC).

Specifically, I am trying to locate a series of 14 articles written by
the photographer Fany/Feni Mukherjee (also known as Pheni Moukherji, and
in various other orthographic disguises) who accompanied Rahula
Sankrtyayana to Tibet in 1938. This series of travel reports has the
title "Rahulji ke sath Tibbat ke abhiyan mem". Unfortunately I don't
know exactly which volumes of Sarasvati contain them; all I know is that
the issues of June, October, November and December 1963, as well as
January, February and July 1964 contain some.

COPAC records the following holdings for the British library:

"St. Pancras Reading Rooms ; HIN ST 2 OIOC //
Holdings: 11, no.10 (1967/Oct. 1910)-82 (2037/1980). Incomplete"

If anyone with access to the British library (who coincidentally happens
to go there sometime during the next weeks ...) could check which of the
issues mentioned above are there, and how complete the library's 1960s
holdings are, or if anyone has information about other libraries that
may have this journal, or knows whether Mukherjee's reports have been
published in any other form - well, for any help that gets me closer to
digital or paper copies of these articles, I would be very grateful.

Best regards,

Birgit Kellner

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