"Classical Tamil Winter School becomes Summer Seminar" (Pondicherry, 31st July - 25th August 2006)

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"Classical Tamil Winter School becomes Summer Seminar"

Yes, the CTWS will take place in 2006 for the 4th time - but it will be a 
Classical Tamil Summer Seminar (CTSS) for a change. (This is due to reasons 
of organisation, and hopefully we will go back to normal in winter 2007.) 
The plan for 2006 is, as was promised, an intensive reading of PuRam 
poetry, since in 2005 we concentrated on Akam texts. For the first two 
weeks we will read PuRanANURu with pandit T.V. Gopal Iyer. His selection of 
poems will include not only martial poems and praise of kings, but will 
emphasize also the more philosophical and didactic elements to be found in 
that anthology. We will make use also of the extensive manuscript material 
collected in the last year. The second half of the course will be devoted 
to sections from the TiruviLaiyATaRpurANam, a collection of narratives 
dealing with the pastimes of Shiva in Maturai, perhaps of the 17th century. 
One of the stories we will read is a retelling of the Cankam legend, an 
account of Shiva composing a Cankam poem at the king's request - and being 
criticised by a scholar of the court.

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