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Shyam Ranganathan srangan at YORKU.CA
Sat Dec 10 23:54:58 UTC 2005

Call for papers on Indian Philosophy (please excuse cross-postings)
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy ( is requesting
article submissions on Indian Philosophy. 
Founded in 1995 and run by an international board of editors, the IEP is open to
articles written by professionally trained philosophers and scholars of South
Asian religion and thought.  Indian philosophy submissions that supersede the
expertise of the Acting Area Editor for Indian philosophy (the bulk of
submissions) are subject to the approval of blind, anonymous referees who are
expert in the relevant field. The IEP currently receives approximately 3,000
hits per day, with the greatest percentage coming from university students.
Unlike most printed philosophy reference works, the IEP is continually revised
and updated. 

For an unexhaustive list of desired articles and articles under production in
Indian philosophy, please see
For more information on submissions, please see or contact Shyam Ranganathan (Acting Area
Editor, Indian Philosophy IEP): indian-philosophy at 

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