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The Moksopaya, Yogavasistha and Related Texts. Edited by JUERGEN HANNEDER. [Geisteskultur Indiens. Texte und Studien. 7 (Indologica Halensis)]. Aachen: Shaker  2005. 156 pp. EUR 29,80 ISBN 3-8322-4265-1 

The present volume is a collection of articles on various aspects of the Moksopaya literature. It deals with the original location of the work, its critical edition project, and gives the state of research on various abridged versions, many of which were until unknown. Two articles contain, as a result of two search tours, the identification and description of more than 70 manuscripts of different versions from Srinagar, Delhi, Pune, Wai and Baroda. This range of sources is extended in an article on the Persian translations of the Laghuyogavasistha. A study of the metaphorical logic of the Moksopaya completes the volume.

J. Hanneder, The Moksopaya: An Introduction.
W. Slaje, Locating the Moksopaya.
W. Slaje, The Moksopaya Project III: Manuscripts from the Delhi and Srinagar Collections.
P. Stephan, S. Stinner, Manuscripts from Pune, Wai and Baroda.
P. Stephan, The Critical Edition of the Utpatti-Prakarana: A Research Report.
S. Stinner, Saras, Samgrahas and "Laghus": Kurzfassungen des Moksopaya.
J. Hanneder, The Moksopayasangraha.
H. Franke, Die persischen Uebersetzungen des Laghuyogavasistha.
B. Lo Turco, The Metaphorical Logic of the Moksopaya.

Orders (also for review copies) can be placed online with Shaker Publishers: 

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