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Himal Trikha himal.trikha at UNIVIE.AC.AT
Thu Apr 14 08:53:12 UTC 2005

Dear members,

following this thread I take the advantage to ask a side question, namely if
anybody is familiar with the term "saMsarga" applied to the body?

I assume this usage in the SatyazAsanaparIkSA of the Jaina VidyAnandin which
in the context of the discussion of NyAya-VaizeSika hands down a verse where
saMsarga is counted as an element of the 21-fold duHkha:
saMsargau sukhaduHkhe ca tathArthendriyabuddhayaH |
pratyekaM SaDvidhAz ceti duHkhasaMkhyaikaviMzatiH || (Edition of Calcutta

> From parallel material in the NyAyavArttika it is clear that saMsarga here
has to be understood as a term for the body:
ekaviMzatiprabhedabhinnaM punar duHkham: *zarIraM* SaDindriyANi SaDviSayAH
SaDbuddhayaH sukhaM duHkhaM ceti. (Edition of Calcutta 1934ff)

Are there any other contexts where the body is called "saMsarga"?

Thank you very much for your help

Himal Trikha, M.A.
Institute for Southasian, Tibetan and Buddhist Studies
Vienna University
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