tato bhaagavata.m prokta.m bhaaga-dvaya-vibhuu.sita.m

Christophe Vielle vielle at ORI.UCL.AC.BE
Thu Apr 7 11:34:08 UTC 2005

Is somebody aware of any discussion on a BhaagavataP "in"  two parts (or
having a supplementary portion, viz. an "uttara-bhaaga") as it is
rdescribed in  one half-verse of the SauraP (9.7cd)  quoted by Hemaadri
(about 1270):
tato bhaagavata.m prokta.m bhaaga-dvaya-vibhuu.sita.m
which half-verse is very  close to
tathaa bhaagavata.m naama bhaaga-dvaya-vibhuu.sitam
as found in the Revaa-maahaatmya (quoted in Hazra 1963: 623 fn 54 from a
manuscript) ascribed to the VaayuP (which text has been printed at the
Venkatesvara  Press according to its secondary version/recension ascribed
to the SkandaP, cf.  Revaa-kha.n.da 1.44 - the latter published
Revaakha.n.da having to be distinguished from the earlier Revaakha.n.da
being the name of the secondary recension of the original SkP in course of
publication, and even from another lost Revaakha.n.da ascribed to the
Skanda known to Ballaalasena and quoted by Hemaadri)

Incidentally, the same passage of the SauraP quoted by Hemaadri (CVC I, p.
531-32)  refers to a BrahmaaP sa.mhitaabhyaa.m vibhuu.sita.m, and a SkandaP
sa.myuktam a.s.tabhi.h kha.n.dai.h. (on the basis of this testimony of the
SauraP, contra Bakker & alii 1998: 8, I thus think that the practice of
calling newly composed texts 'kha.n.da of the Skandapuraa.na' may have
started a bit earlier than the 12th century)

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