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I am actually student in first year of archaeology and history of arts at
the university MARC BLOCH of Strasbourg in France. I study equally hindi,
sanskrit, the hindouist religion and i speak english, german and french. I
search to carry out a training course of archeological excavations abroad,
that's why i allow myself to write to you. I'm particularly interested in
indian archaeology and all that includes the valley of the indus. Having
already visited this country several times, i feel completely ready to carry
out a mission in a country like this one, in which certain people ( for
example, the europeans) would not support to live there, nor even to travel.
But i'm in love with this country.
I will go there probably in july/august or august/september 2005. thus if
you have archaeological missions in forecast on these dates or on others (
that it is in india, in nepal, in pakistan or in an other country), i will
be delighted to take part in it as voluntary. Then if you have informations
allowing me to find a training course, i will be charmed to have it.
This  is a dream, believe me you will have a person more than motivated in
front of you.

Thanks in advance
Please accept my sincere greetings


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