Lioness married to a jackal

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Dear Colleagues,
my notes contain following cases involving sexual or family relations 
between lions and jackals (much more common is the idea of the jackal 
as a courtier or minister of king lion):

Pancatantra of Purnabhadra 4, 4 The jackal, though lion's foster-son, 
reveals his true nature of a coward when his brothers, the lion cubs, 
will attack an elephant.

Jataka 157 (Gunajataka) A jackal rescues the lion and becomes his 
friend and they live together with their families, but the lioness, not 
understanding the situation, is jealous of the she-jackal.

Jataka 188 (Sihakottajataka) A lion (Bodhisattva) had a cub by a 
she-jackal. The cub had the appearance of a lion, but his mother's 
voice. Only keeping silent he could live with other lions.

So it is the lion, not the lioness, who has relations with jackals (cf. 


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