Lioness married to a jackal

Cohen, Signe cohens at MISSOURI.EDU
Sat Sep 4 14:35:04 UTC 2004

Could you be thinking if the Sigala Jataka, which features a jackal unhappily in love with a lioness? The jackal in this story does not marry her, however, and eventually dies...
Best regards,
Signe Cohen


From: Indology on behalf of McComas Taylor
Sent: Sat 9/4/2004 1:15 AM
Subject: Lioness married to a jackal

Dear friends

May I ask for your patient assistance again? I have seen somewhere a tale
about a jackal who married a lioness. Can any of you good folk tell me where
I might find an original text? I don't think it is anywhere in the
PaJcatantra or Hitopadeza cycles. Is it a JAtaka?

With thanks in advance


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