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Sat Oct 30 13:57:49 UTC 2004

On 10/30/04 5:10 AM, "Kenneth Zysk" <zysk at HUM.KU.DK> wrote:

> On a Nagari copy of a manuscript from South India, I came across the
> following:
> pratiruupitasamaya.h  1-6-105.
> It comes in the context of a description of the copy by the scribe.
> I should greatly appreciate it if someone could give the meaning of this.


Pratiruupa (èforméthing on the other sideè cp. Pratibimba, pratika;ncuka)
and pratilipi have the sense of ècopy.è pratiruupita is the past passive
participle of the denominative root pratiruupay. The expression, therefore,
probably means, ècopying time, the date on which the copy was completed.è
Could it be that one digit is missing in Èi05ÈÉ

Ashok Aklujkar

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