Pune Sanskritists

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This article is not exactly what you are looking for, but perhaps close:

Peter van der Veer, "Monumantal Texts: The Critical Edition if India's
National Heritage." In Daud Ali, ed. Invoking the Past: The Uses of History
in South Asia. Oxford India, 1999.

Tamar Reich
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>A colleague has asked for help in finding secondary sources that deal with
> the Pune Sanskritists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century
> and how their scholarship, ideology, and overall orientation was viewed as
> different from what was found in other places such as Benares or Calcutta.
> The Pune Sanskritists have, for example, been referred to as "scientific"
> or as "instrumental rationalists."  Where might one read about such
> characterizations?
> Thanks,
> Gary Tubb.

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