English translation of Rau's "Staat und Gesellschaft..."?

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This is just to draw the attention of those, who wish to do research on W. Rau or to work on his books, to the unpublished materials left by him. Among them are also annotated and corrected copies of his own published monographs.
The entire collection of the materials left by Rau has been transferred to the Archives of the DMG based in Halle, where they are available for research purposes. His private Indological library was handed over to the University of Halle. Its incorporation into the open stack Library of the Indological Institute is in process.

For detailed information on the contents of the Rau collection of unpublished papers, the provisional catalogue by A. Pohlus may be consulted: "Vorordnung der Indologen-Nachlaesse der Bibliothek der DMG", Halle 2003, pp. 29-40 (ISSN 1617-2469).

To be ordered with Dr Hanne Schoenig:
schoenig at owz.uni-halle.de


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