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Tue Oct 12 16:16:23 UTC 2004

> From the classical translations one should mention also the translation of
Rama Prasada of the Sutra, Bhasya and the VAcaspati Misra's TV, published in
1912. Yet Tattva-vaisAradI is sometimes very esoteric and beyond
comprehension without the Rahasya of RAghavAnanda SarasvatI. And there are
misprints almost on every page in the text either of the Bhasya or the
Sutra, some of them leading to wrong translations, like here, on p. 27:

"Practice is the resort to the means thereof with the object of attaining
it" (being a translation of
tatsaMpipAdaviSayA tatsAdhanAnuSThAnam abhyAsaH) while the text of Vyasa
tatsaMpipAdayiSayA tatsAdhanAnuSThAnam abhyAsaH - practice is the
application of the means of attaining that (state) with the desire to
achieve it.

Or on p. 52 (end of Tattva-vaisAradI I.29): "The effect of the analogy is in
the understanding of one's own self, not of the Highest self." While the
original texts says: pratyAsattistu svAtmani sAkSAtkArahetur na parAtmani -
... not the Other self.



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