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If this contains the same comments (bhAsvatI) of Hariharananda Aranya on the
Vyasa-bhasya, which are included in the Yoga-darsana cited before, that
would be a wonderful text.
Provided the translation is full and faithful.


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I may perhaps suggest the following edition and translation of the YS (with
the commentary of Vyaasa) :
H. Ara.nya (ed.), Yoga philosophy of Pataïjali : containing his yoga
aphorisms with commentary of Vyaasa in original Sanskrit, and annotations
thereon with copious hints on the practice of yoga, rendered into English
by P.N. Mukerji, Calcutta : University of Calcutta, 1963 (19772, 19813).

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>Dear members of the list,
>I friend has asked me if there is an edition of Patanjali's Yogasutras with
>the skt. text and an English translation available. She is of course
>for the best edition of this kind. Any suggestions?
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