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striijito na bhaved ity artha(m) aaha --

na striijitaH pramuuDhaH syaad gaaDharaagavazaM gataH /
raajorvazyaa jito muuDho duHkham aapa puruuravaaH //153//

tathaa ca bRhaddevataa (7/147-153) --

(After the BD text, fifteen verses are quoted from VAD.
You will find the latter text in Macdonell's edition of the

Actually the BD text quoted in the NM edition in question is 7.147-152.
The text is not identical but the verse numbers correspond
to those in Macdonell's edition of the BRhaddevatA.
So see his edition (HOS ser. Vol. V, 1904), pt.1, p.91.
For more information, see my new edition of the BRhaddevataa (Kyoto,
1997), 7.117-23(pp.135-36) and the explanatory notes on the verses

If you do want to check the exact text quoted in the NM (Benares 1933)
, which I don't think very meaningful, (as well as the VAD verses in
Macdonell's SA), I will type and send it to you personally.


> Could somebody provide me and the list with the Sanskrit text of fifteen
> verses devoted to the story of Puruuravas and Urva/sii by the Gujarati
> author Dyadviveda (15th century) in his Niitima q jarii (somewhere p. or  $B%! (B
> 325 in the 1933 ed. by Sitarama Joyrama Joshi according to the only
> reference I have).
> At least its length appears to be exactly the same than the /sloka-passage
> quoted (composed?) on the subject by the Keralan .Sa.dguru/si.sya in his
> Vedaarthadiipikaa ad SA ad RV 10.95 (ca 1187), which itself was quoted
> again with some variants by (ad RV 10.95).
> Thank you very much
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