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Following on from recent discussions, fyi:

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Subject: [Ann] Mem available on SourceForge

Mem. A multilingual environment for LaTeX with Aleph

  Mem provides an experimental environment for multilingual
  and multiscript typesetting with LaTeX in the Aleph
  typesetting system.  Aleph is Unicode-savvy and combines
  features of Omega and eTeX. With Mem you should be able to
  typeset Unicode documents mixing several languages and
  several scripts taking advantage of its built-in OCP
  mechanism and with a high level interface.

  Currently Mem is still under study and development and in
  its present state are not intended to be a fully
  functional package.  The first experimental code was
  presented in Tokyo (Japan) in 2001 with the name of
  Lambda, and after a pause work is again in progress with
  the new name of Mem and with a major overhaul.

  Mem is designed to be capable of following the development
  of Omega and LaTeX3, and I'm publishing it to encourage
  other people to think about the ideas behind it and to
  discuss the advantages and disadvantages of several
  approachs to the involved problems.  The project is now
  hosted in the public respository SourceForge.org to open
  its development to other people:


  A talk is scheduled for the forthcoming EuroTeX 2005 and
  Mem will be available on CTAN soon.

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