"Gaudasaraswatha" brahmins speaking Konkani

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There is a book on the GSBs by Frank Conlon [A Caste in a Changing World: The Chitrapur Saraswat Brahmins, 1977, University of California Press] and several important articles by Narendra Wagle (1970: "The History and Social Organization of the Gauda Sarasvata Brahmanas of the West Coast of India,"  Journal of Indian Hisotry, vol. 48: 8-25. 295-333.  Also see my article: "Panca-Gauda und Panca-Dravida.  Umstrittene Grenzen einer traditionellen Klassifikation," and its bibliography in Arier und Draviden, Konstruktionen der Vergangenheit als Grundlage fur Selbst- und Fremdwahrnehmungen Sudasiens, herausgegeben von Michael Bergunder und Rahul Peter Das, Verlag der Franckeschen Stiftungen zu Halle, 2002.

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Dear colleagues,
In the useful  little book "Malayalam for beginners" by V.R.
Prabodhachandran Nayar (Trivandrum, 1999, Swantham Books publ.), I come
across this (Malayalam - a linguistic profile - Bilingualism p. 72):
"Pockets of Gaudasaraswatha Brahmins and Chettis ((/ce.t.ti/) who speak two
different varieties of Konkani are mostly in the districts of Ernakulam and
Who are these "Gaudasaraswatha" brahmins (coming from Konkan where some
still remain, I suppose)?  Where could I find something about them?
Thank you for your help

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