The Imperfective Participle

Ashwini Sharad Deo adeo at STANFORD.EDU
Mon Nov 15 18:20:34 UTC 2004


In  Tulsi Ramayana, the imperfective participle  is often
 the bare predicate in a clause (without any auxiliary verb.)

For example:

guna avaguna jAnata saba koi
tulasI raghubara nAma ke barana birAjata dou
gAvata guna sura muni bara bAnI

(sentences from BAlakANDa)

Sometimes, these bare predicates must be understood to have past reference
based on the context, and sometimes they have present reference (in
narration or description.)

Is the precise distribution of this participle for Old or Middle
Hindi/Awadhi known?

Also is there such a use of this form in Prakrit where the bare
imperfective participle may be used with both present and past

Any information would be appreciated.

Ashwini Deo

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