Devanagari [the typsetting and printing of]

Kengo Harimoto k.harimoto at LET.RUG.NL
Thu Nov 11 00:31:45 UTC 2004

I also find XeTeX attractive, but it works only on Mac OS X.  As I
understand that the list does not accept attachments, I will upload a
sample page to

One can see what kind of output it produces.

I'm using Apple's Devanagari MT and Computer Modern derivative
PostScript font.  In that sample, I'm not using ledmac or ednotes, but
using manyfoot package to produce multiple registers for a critical

I prepared the source in unicode encoding and typeset using Xe(La)TeX.

I find the advantages of using these settings in the following:

- commercial grade OpenType/AAT fonts are immediately available

- no need for running preprocessors.

The second one is especially attractive for me.  Debugging the source
file is much easier, and one can actually read the TeX source file.

> Have you seen XeTeX?
> (
> site_id=nrsi&item_id=xetex) Works with Unicode Devanagari and Ledmac,
> you can also use attractive (Venetian) commercial Opentype fonts.
> Regards
> Somadeva Vasudeva

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