Convert Devanagari into romanized text: any automatic tools?

Birgit Kellner birgit.kellner at UNIVIE.AC.AT
Sun Mar 21 11:51:30 UTC 2004

thanks, Arlo (and thanks to all the others who have so far responded on
the list and off-list).

The Sanskrit Reader project as such sounds very interesting, indeed. But
on the website I find no information about whether it is completed, on
what platforms it is available, whether it can be downloaded somewhere
... has anyone seen or used the software already?

These things make me wish there were a central inventory of ongoing
software projects, something like a forum where people can enter short
descriptions of their projects, with URLs, and linked from the main
INDOLOGY site. If there's general interest in this, I could look into
setting it up at our institute's website, where we have forum software
installed already.

Best regards,


Best regards,

Birgit Kellner

Arlo Griffiths wrote:

>Is the following reference of help?
>Arlo Griffiths

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