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Doug Osto at SOAS is writing a dissertation on Gandavyuha with a focus on
role of women as kalyanamitras.

R. Salomon

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> Some of the important figures in the Ga.n.davyuuhasuutra
> are also women. And don't forget the goddess chapter
> of the Vimalakiirtinirdes'a. Diana Paul edited an
> anthology of Buddhist texts on women that has some
> additional examples as well. Of course, in the Tamil
> Buddhist tradition Manimekhalai is very well known---your
> student may be interested in the works of Paula Richman and
> Anne Monius on this central text.
> My article, "The Illusion of Spiritual Progress," in Buswell
> and Gimello, eds., Paths to Liberation, offers an example
> of some of the problems surrounding the interpretation
> of attributions of agency, etc., to women in the Buddhist
> tantric traditions.
> Matthew Kapstein

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