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>In the Ratnagotravibhaaga 106.3, 118.17 we have the word varjaagni,
>evidently in the meaning lightning. I have found  this word only in
>CDIAL 653b, the Skt being given as hypothetical for Old Awadhii
>bajaagi, fire caused by lightning.
>Has anyone seen the word elsewhere in Skt or MIA?

CDIAL bajAgi from vajrAgni looks a bit oddly, one would expect bAjAgi (?)

vajrAgni to be found in the Mbh once:

08012052c drauNAyaniM cAbhyahanat pRSatkair; vajrAgnivaivasvatadaNDakalpaiH

Interestingly, Mbh. has also vaidyuta - agni:

01021009c tvam eva meghas tvaM vAyus tvam agnir vaidyuto 'mbare

12232018c vaidyuto 'gnir ivAkAze pazyaty AtmAnam AtmanA
12294020c vaidyuto 'gnir ivAkAze dRzyate ''tmA tathAtmani


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