a sloka to be identified

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UCL.AC.UK
Wed Mar 10 19:32:10 UTC 2004

        te.saa.m uktau pramaa.na.m ca maduktau na katha.m bhavet /
        tasmaat subhaa.sita.m graahyam iti sarvatra ni"scita.m //

        `Their statements carry weight; why shouldn't mine?
        So it is everywhere agreed that "good counsel should be accepted".'

Has anyone seen this sloka anywhere?  An author I'm editing at the moment
(Viire"svara, au of Rogaarogavaada) cites it as if it were a well-known
dictum.  He is arguing that his opinion is as good as anyone else's, in
particular the opinions of ancient medical authors like Su"sruta.  I
suspect he is a nyaaya student, so perhaps this is a saying known to
naiyaayikas?  Only a guess.


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