New publication: South-Indian Horizons, Felicitation volume for F. Gros

Jean-Luc Chevillard jlc at CCR.JUSSIEU.FR
Thu Jun 24 12:01:28 UTC 2004

Dear Indology List member,

I am glad to announce the release of a new book:

South Indian horizons:
felicitation volume for François Gros on the occasion of his 70th birthday.
Edited by Jean-Luc Chevillard (editor) and Eva Wilden (associate editor)
with the collaboration of A. Murugaiyan,
Preface by R.E. Asher.
Publications du département d’indologie 94, IFP, EFEO, 2004, xlv, 651 p. 
Rs. 1000.

As stated by the IFP's web page,
this book, like other indological books, is distributed by Motilal 
Banarsidass, Delhi

Please see below the detailed "Table of Contents"

Best wishes

-- Jean-Luc Chevillard (Paris, CNRS, University Paris 7)



Acknowledgements/Remerciements (vii)
Preface/aNinturai [R.E. Asher] (ix-xv)
"Ma vie sans moi" [François Gros] (xvii-xx)
Foreword/Avant-propos: Horizons des  Études Tamoules
--[Jean-Luc Chevillard] (xxi-xxix)
Searching for Perspectives (Second Foreword)
--[Eva Wilden] (xxxi-xxxiv)
List of participants  (xxxv-xlv)

**Studies in Devotional, Contemporary,
**Classical and Folk literatures

1) Judit Törzsök
--> s'iva le fou et ses dévots tamouls dans le tEvAram (pp.3-28)
2) Alvappillai Veluppillai
--> The Position of Saint Appar in Tamil  s'aivism (pp.29-47)
3) Emanuela Panattoni
-->Il tirukkuRuntANTakam e il tiruneTuntANTakam
---- di TirumaGkaiyAZvAr (pp. 49-61)
4) S. Palaniappan
--> AZvAr or nAyan2r: The Role of Sound Variation,
---- Hypercorrection and Folk Etymology in Interpreting
---- the Nature of VaiSNava Saint-Poets (pp. 63-84)
5) Indira Viswanathan Peterson
--> s'aiva religion and the performing arts in a Tamil Novel:
---- kalaimaNi’s TillAn2A mOkan2AmpAl (pp. 85-106)
6) R.E. Asher
--->Vaikom Muhammed Basheer :
---- Freedom Fighting into Fiction      (pp. 107-125)
7) Chantal Delamourd
--> La Poésie des “Vies Minuscules” dans Kan2ivu,
---- Recueil de Nouvelles de Vannadasan (pp. 127-135)
8) Gabriella Eichinger Ferro-Luzzi
--> Facing Death in Modern Tamil Literature     (pp. 137-148)
9) E. Annamalai
--> Post-Modern Trends in Tamil (pp. 149-155)
10) David Shulman
--> Notes on Tillaikkalampakam  (pp. 157-176)
11) Eva Wilden
--> On the Condensation and Extension of Knowledge:
---- The sUtra Style in the tolkAppiyam poruLatikAram   (pp. 177-206)
12) Takanobu Takahashi
--> tolkAppiyam poruLatikAram and iRaiyan2Ar AkapporuL:
---- Their Relative Chronology (pp. 207-217)
13) George L. Hart
--> Syntax and Perspective
---- in Tamil and Sanskrit Classical Poetry (pp. 219-227)
14) A. G. Menon
--> Configuration of Natural Elements
---- in the Mountain songs (pp. 229-255)
15) Alexander Dubyanski
--> The Tamil literary background
---- of the s'akuntala nATakam (pp. 257-267)
16) Dieter B. Kapp
--> rAmAyaNa Allusions in Tamil Riddles (pp. 269-278)

**Studies in Language
**and History of Language Description

17) Kamil Zvelebil
--> Prolegomena to an Etymological Dictionary
---- to the iRula Language (pp. 281-290)
18) V.I. Subramonian
--> A Note on the -Are person number marking suffix
---- in Gundert's writings (pp. 291-292)
19) Harold F. Schiffman
--> The Tamil Case System (pp. 293-305)
20) Thomas Lehmann
--> Pronoun Incorporation in Old Tamil (pp. 307-322)
21) S. Agesthialingom
--> Numeral system in Tamil: Generation (pp. 323-332)
22)  Jaroslav Vacek
--> Dravidian and Altaic: “Sheep - Deer - Cattle” (pp. 333-345)
23) Peter Schalk
--> Robert Caldwell’s Derivation IZam<sIhaLa:
---- A Critical Assessment (pp. 347-364)
24) Herman Tieken
--> The Nature of the Language of caGkam Poetry (pp. 365-387)
25) Sheldon Pollock
--> A New Philology: From Norm-bound Practice
---- to Practice-bound Norm
---- in Kannada Intellectual History (pp. 389-406)
26) Jean-Luc Chevillard
--> Ideophones in Tamil: a historical perspective
---- on the X-en2al expressives
---- (olikkuRippu ARRuppaTai) (pp. 407-433)

**Studies in History, Epigraphy and Archaeology

27) Leslie Orr
--> Processions in the medieval South Indian temple:
---- Sociology, sovereignty and soteriology (pp. 437-470)
28) Kesavan Veluthat
--> MahOdayapuram-KoTuGGallUr:
---- a Capital City as a Sacred Centre (pp. 471-485)
29) R. Nagaswamy
--> Sangam poetic traditions
---- under the Imperial cOZa-s (pp. 487-494)
30) Sascha Ebeling
--> "The Digital Archive of South Indian Inscriptions (DASI)
— A First Report" (pp. 495-503)
31) Iravatham Mahadevan
--> Voicing of consonants in Old Tamil:
---- New evidence from Tamil-BrAhmI (pp. 505-511)
32) (late) Vimala Begley (with foreword by I. Mahadevan)
--> The Dating of Arikamedu
---- and its Bearing on the Archaeology
---- of Early Historical South India (pp. 513-537)
33) Osmund Bopearachchi
--> New Archaeological evidence on cultural
---- and commercial relationships between
----ancient Sri  Lanka and Tamil Nadu (pp. 539-551)
34)  G. Vijayavenugopal
--> New Jaina Inscriptions from kUvan2Ur (pp. 553-560)
35) Appasamy Murugaiyan
--> Stèles funéraires en Pays Tamoul:
---- langue et société au 6è -7è siècles (pp. 561-581)
36) Y. Subbarayalu
--> eRivIrapaTTin2am, Warriors and the State
---- in Medieval South India (pp. 583-594)

**Chant-mêlé ou paripATal ou Satura

37) Velcheru Narayana Rao, David Shulman & Sanjay Subrahmaniam
--> A new imperial idiom in the sixteenth century
---- Krishnadevaraya and his political theory
---- of Vijayanagara (pp. 597-625)
38) U. Niklas
--> Bulls for St. Anthony: Religio-Cultural Syncretism
---- in a ceTTinATu Village (pp. 627-634)
39) A.R. Venkatachalapathy
--> Triumph of Tobacco: the Tamil Experience (pp. 635-641)
40) T.V. Gopal Iyer
--> The victory in human life (pp. 643-645)
41) M. Kannan
--> Five poems (pp. 647-651)

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