BhG bhasya 2ndary sources

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I think that the relevant chapters of "The Hindu Gita" by Arvind Sharma could be
recommended as well, though they are not, of course, "article-length".
They seem to fit well the purposes formulated by Dr.Cox.
                                                Yaroslav Vassilkov

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> Dear Cox,
> J.B. von Buitinen's book "Ramanuja on the Gita" might be useful though, I
> think, it is not a comparative study of Samkara and Ramanuja.
> I think, perhaps, so far no full length detailed study on these two
> commentaries has been done.
> Ganesan
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> Subject: BhG bhasya 2ndary sources
> Dear members of the list,
> Could anyone recommend a good article-length study of the commentaries of
> Sankara and Ramanuja on the Bhagavadgita?  I'm looking for a source that
> would
> be appropriate to give to an class of advanced undergraduates, without
> presuming any knowledge of Sanskrit, thus nothing philological as such,
> rather
> a piece of intellectual history.  I expected to easily find an overview of
> the
> interpretations of the great commentators, their differing strategies
> towards
> the BhG, their understandings of key terms, their positions on maayaa and
> theism, etc. but have thus far met with no success.
> Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Whitney Cox
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Wed, 21 Jul 104 12:54 +0300 MSK

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