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> 4.  kukku.taahi = saw-scaled viper.  My identification is basd on
> the following: as noted above the snake in question should do
> something resembling the movement of a chicken etc in some way.
> Apart from being coloured somewhat similarly to most chickens I have
> seen, the saw-scaled viper is said to have one interesting
> characteristic: when threatened, it coils back, delivers a fast
> strike and then regains its raised position of defiance, which
> sounds to me similar to a chicken bobbing up and down, pecking the
> ground.

Perhaps the technique of one common variety of domestic fowl is worth
mentioning ...

I've often seen the sole remaining Rhode Island Red hen hunting in the
garden. Having stalked or run down a large spider or small lizard she
lowers her head and quickly strikes the victim a good number of times
before rising. She will not think twice before assaulting a gardener's
hand in the same fashion. With this beast around it is unwise venture
outside without a thick pair of leather gloves ;-)

Perhaps an Indian snake was reputed to strike more than once?

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