Arlo Griffiths a.griffiths at THEOL.RUG.NL
Thu Jul 8 13:48:00 UTC 2004

The article on Vedic p.rdaakusaanu- by A. Lubotsky in the most recent
issue of IIJ (47.1, spring 2004) contains some information that might
be of interest to you. It is there proposed that in Vedic tira;siraaji-
denoted the Banded Krait, and that p.rdaaku-, besides denoting the
panther, could also by extension denote Russel's viper.

Arlo Griffiths

On Jun 05, 2004, at 18:54, Stephen Hodge wrote:

> I know that fauna equivalents are not always exact, but can anybody
> tell me
> what Sanskrit names were used for these Indian venomous snakes:  the
> common
> krait, Russell's viper and the saw-scaled Viper ?
> Thanks.
> Stephen Hodge

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