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The Manasollasa has indeed a chapter called syenavinoda - the exact
reference is Man. IV.13 (slokas 1329-1380) -found on p. 267-271 in Vol. 2 of
the Shrigondekar edition, Gaekwad Oriental Series 84, Baroda 1939.

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on 5/7/04 09:29, Christophe Vielle at vielle at ORI.UCL.AC.BE wrote:

> Dear Greg,
> Have you looked at the 12th century Maanasollaasa: without having myself
> checked, I suppose it deals somewhere with royal hunting. Falconry could be
> thus described.
> Best wishes,
> Christophe
>> Dear List,
>> In my ongoing attempts to date the Ga.nezapuraa.na I am focussing in part on
>> the Pa.ncadevataa concept which occurs everywhere in the second book.  I
>> would appreciate any references to secondary sources on this and any hints
>> as to its earliest occurrence in Sanskrit literature.
>> In addition, does anybody know of Handbooks on Falconry in Sanskrit as a
>> reference is made to such in the GnP.  I would assume this would have been a
>> Mughal preoccupation.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Greg Bailey
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