Buddhist pedagogical history

Joseph Walser joseph.walser at TUFTS.EDU
Fri Feb 27 14:05:01 UTC 2004

Your friend may want to look at vinaya texts dealing with the education of
novices. Also: Singh, Sanghasen and Kenryo Minowa, ed. and trans. "A Critical
Edition and Translation of Abhidamacarika Nama Bhiksu-Prakirnakah" _Buddhist
Studies_, Department of Buddhist Studies, University of Delhi, vol. 12 (March
1988): pp. 81-143. Sylvain Levi also touches on the subject in his
article, "Sur la recitation primitive des textes bouddhiques." Journal
Asiatique, ser. II, vol. 5 (1915): pp. 401-447. I hope this helps some.

Joseph Walser

Quoting Martin Gansten <Martin.Gansten at TEOL.LU.SE>:

> A friend who is not a member of this list has asked me to post the
> following query on his behalf:
> >I am looking for references to studies on concrete
> >pedagogical situations in Buddhist history, e.g.
> >studies on how a monk or nun was trained, how
> >scriptures were used, what scriptures were used
> >(shaastra/aagama/...), different functions in the
> >monastery, or similar questions. Any reference would
> >be helpful. The more concrete the better (but that is
> >perhaps too much to hope for when it comes to
> >Indian history ;-)
> Many vicarious thanks in advance,
> Martin Gansten

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