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A thought has come to mind re the astrological makara.

VarAhamihira (BRhajjAtaka I.5) lists this sign among the ones that
*don't*  look exactly like the thing they're named after, and says:
makaro mRgAsya, 'the makara has the face of a deer'.  Similarly
MInarAja describes it as 'a makara with the front half of a deer'
(vRddhayavanajAtaka I.13? Sorry, original text not to hand).  Which
suggests to me that the astrological makara was originally thought of
as not being a *normal* makara, but a special, deer-headed one.

Sometimes, in fact, it's called 'mRga' for short (as is the lunar
mansion of mRgaziras, which can cause confusion among the unwary).

Originally, perhaps, the astrologers needed a word to describe the
classical symbol of the capricorn, and the word 'makara' was the
obvious one to use.  They saw the front half as a deer rather than a
goat, perhaps because the deer was already a familiar astrological

Valerie J Roebuck
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