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Sun Feb 15 03:18:07 UTC 2004

Dear McComas,

Your quotation sounds a lot like David G. Mandelbaum--but I'm not sure. The
term used in anthropology was usually biradari.
Mandelbaum, David (especially his 2 vol summaries of a lot of village
studies literature--_Society in India , 2 vols: Continuity and Change;
Change and Continuity_.
S. Asia Books brought out an edition in 1991--but it came out much earlier
than that.

Joanna Kirkpatrick

> Dear Friends
> I wonder if any of you good folk could help me find a quotation that went
> something like this:
> `If you read the scriptures, you'd think India was about vaRnas; if you
> colonial censuses, you'd think it was about jAti; if you are an
> anthropologist in a village, you'd think it was about brotherhoods.'
> The word for brotherhood was a derivative of bhratR. I thought it might be
> from McKim Marriott or Dumont, or possibly Inden, Pollock, Dirks...
> With greetings and thanks in advance from a sweltering Canberra summer.
> McComas
> >
> > Does this ring a bell?
> >
> > Many thanks
> >
> > McComasCan anyone help me

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